National and international work

Newcastle is a European Regional Capital city. It is home to world leading businesses in the industries of health care, medical research and digital, and has a strong professional services sector. It has a catchment area of 2.5million people and the highest growth rate of millionaires in the UK.

Only by ensuring that these strengths are understood as widely as possible by investors can the future economic growth of the city be secured. NE1 is therefore increasingly working with property owners and investment funds to progress development sites. More specifically NE1 is working with BID Nikolai Quartier in Hamburg and the Arab-British Chamber of Commerce on a number of projects.

As well as working to promote Newcastle, NE1 also seeks to highlight the effectiveness of the BID model. As such we have worked with Tony Travers at LSE, Centre for Cities, Centre for Policy Studies, and the RSA and we continue to lobby the Treasury, Cabinet Office, DCLG, and BIS.

  • NE1 has been awarded the prestigious 2016 EU BID Award.
  • NE1 is a founding member of the European BIDs Network
  • NE1 is a founding member of the Northern BIDs Group.
  • NE1 is formally twinned with BID Nikolai Quartier in Hamburg.

Over the past 10 years, NE1’s role in cementing Newcastle’s position as a European Regional Capital City has been significant. Across the country, the cities that have performed the best are those that have been agile and adapted to changing consumer needs quickly. In its time, NE1 has been central to this in Newcastle.

Mark Williams, Director Acquisitions, Finance and Investor Relations, Hark Group, President of Revo and Independent Chair of the Northumberland Street Area Project Board

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