Key Facts

NE1 Overview

Number of hereditaments
BID levy rate 1%
Annual BID levy value c£2m
BID levy term 1st April 2019 - 31st March 2024 (5 years)
Renewal vote result (Oct 2018) 88% in favour (up from 78% in 2013)
Renewal vote turnout (Oct 2018) 64%  (up from 62% in 2013)

Key Projects

Alive after five

Estimated value of 5-8pm since launch
Additional post 5pm visitors to Eldon Square since launch
Increase in average spend between 2010 & 2013

Central Station

Combined total value of the project
Total annual station visitors
Direct and indirect jobs created
166 direct and 1,679 indirect
Value of RGF awarded to NE1

Bigg Market

HLF allocated funding £1.6m
Total project value £3.2m
Private sector investment £60m+

Northumberland Street

Phase 1 funding allocated £3.2m
Estimated total project cost £20m

NE1 Street Rangers and Clean Team

Black bags of litter removed from the city's streets per annum 7,800
Rapid response Clean Team jobs completed per annum 5,475
Jobs reported to Police and City Council per annum 5,200


Visitors attracted to events delivered by or supported by NE1 in 2017 340,000
NE1 Restaurant Week 2 events per year
100+ participating restaurants
£600k+ boost to business during the week
NE1 Newcastle Motor Show 110,000 visitors
70% increase in trade for adjacent businesses, compared to pre- Motor Show figures
Magic Weekend £8.2m economic impact
Northern Pride £9.2m economic impact
Welcome Students of the World Welcomes 80,000 students from 153 countries to Newcastle. The students contribute £1billion+ to the economy

Newcastle City Marina

Boat visits per launch 5,000
The marina has paid for itself five times over since launch, in visitor spend 5 x over
Visitor economic impact in 2016/2017 season £250k

NE1 Can

Young people worked with 1500+
Employer led events 69
Pro-bono hours dedicated by employees 1243

What we do

Stronger Voice for Business

The city environment

Attracting and Promoting


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