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Screen on the Green is NE1's much-loved open-air cinema in the heart of the city, showing two free films a day throughout the school summer holidays, enlivening Old Eldon Square and driving repeat visits into the city from families throughout July and August.

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In excess of 30,000 attendees in 2022

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84 films screened over 6 weeks

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£970,000 spent by attendees in the city

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Over 99% of those surveyed would recommend Screen on the Green

Previously known as Monument Movies, Screen on the Green moved to Old Eldon Square in 2016 and has grown exponentially ever since, delivering a bigger and better event each summer.

Alongside the screening of over 80 free films during the 6-week school break, Screen on the Green also screens eclectic sporting and cultural events including Wimbledon, the Olympic Games, FIFA Women’s World Cup, and live-streamed performances from such notable bodies as the Royal Opera House.

With its focus on offering fun, family-friendly, and free activities which bring extensive footfall into the city centre and the retail core in particular, Screen on the Green is one of NE1’s most popular initiatives among both businesses and consumers.

Screen on the Green at Old Eldon Square
Children watching a film at Screen on the Green

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