Newcastle’s City Centre in Line for New Fibre Network


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Businesses in Newcastle are set to access the UK’s fastest, most resilient internet connectivity with the introduction of business-specific full fibre infrastructure throughout the NE1 postcode area.


Developed by Commsworld, one of the UK’s leading business fibre providers, the network plans to deliver unprecedented digital connectivity to businesses and organisations  in the area.

Businesses also have the chance to drive the development of the infrastructure by pledging their support to the new demand-led project. The more businesses that show no-obligation interest in procuring full fibre connectivity, the quicker the deployment will be.

Those that sign up are also more likely to be within easy reach of the network, with close proximity offering the potential of reduced costs.

This is something that Commsworld has been able to deliver across similar projects in both Edinburgh and Glasgow, where businesses have regularly been able to access connection speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second. Organisations also have the capability to dial up to 10 gigabits per second for larger events, 450 times the UK average bandwidth.

Briefing sessions supported by NE1 Ltd, the Business Improvement District Company for Newcastle city centre, will be held on Tuesday 3 December at 8am and 3.30pm, to give businesses the chance to learn more about the project and to sign up.

Bruce Strang, Managing Director at Commsworld, said: “We’re always looking for new ways to improve networks for businesses across the UK.

“Therefore we’re greatly excited to be working with NE1 Ltd to run information sessions to brief businesses on the new connectivity potential that awaits public and private sector clients in Newcastle.

“We plan to start work in Newcastle as soon we can and we want customers to be up and running on the network within the next 12 months.

“An important part of what we’re doing in Newcastle is working with organisations like NE1 Ltd to map out the best route for infrastructure which will benefit the business community in the city.”

With a new full fibre infrastructure created solely for businesses and public sector organisations, clients will no longer have to compete with domestic services for the fastest, most efficient speeds in the city.

Applying Commsworld’s technology to different access points across the city will provide affordable, fully-lit fibre within easy reach of customers along the network.

The new network will act as the anchor for subsequent expansion for Commsworld throughout the region, enabling businesses in the wider area to access full fibre connectivity in the near future.

Enhancing the city’s digital infrastructure will allow businesses to efficiently and seamlessly use cloud-based systems, data and software – with tools located centrally to support consistent communication.

Adrian Waddell, Chief Executive of NE1 Ltd, said: “For Newcastle to be a truly smart city we need to significantly expand and upgrade our digital infrastructure.

“This is as important as transport infrastructure and can only be achieved with new fibre optic cabling into every business premises across the city.

“We will be encouraging our business members to attend these briefing sessions.  We must future proof our city’s digital infrastructure to allow existing businesses to grow and new ones to locate here, confident that Newcastle’s systems are suitable and have the capacity for the 21st century.”

Newcastle businesses will be able to leverage the new digital infrastructure to expand their own networks, attract top talent and stimulate inward investment and economic growth.

NE1 is committed to making Newcastle a modern, regional capital city with a strong economy and up-to-date digital and non-digital infrastructure – ensuring it can compete with other cities across the world.

Commsworld partnered with NE1 Ltd earlier this year to host a business briefing for Newcastle’s business leaders. The briefing highlighted the need for fibre optic networks to be installed in the city to ensure Newcastle’s digital infrastructure can support and attract businesses.

Businesses interested in attending the briefing sessions can register at:

Morning Session:

Afternoon Session:


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