NE1 Ltd Delivers Baby Rhino On Northumberland Street


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Rhinoceros may be endangered species but they are multiplying nicely on NE1’s Northumberland Street Village Green, the latest pocket park in NE1 Ltd’s city centre, summertime portfolio.

baby rhino

A new, baby rhino will be delivered successfully tomorrow morning to remain in place next to its mother on NE1's pop up park. Both rhinos and the park will remain in place until October.

Unlike its mother, the Baby rhino will not remain on the street overnight and will be taken in each night at 5.30pm and will be reunited with its mother at the start of each day.

Both rhinos are to be enjoyed by the public – hugged, stroked and generally loved but NE1 would politely ask that people don’t climb on the animals to avoid damaging themselves or the beautiful astroturf creatures.

Commenting on the baby rhino’s arrival, Stephen Patterson, Director of Communications at NE1 Ltd said:

“Response from the general public to both the park and the rhino has been phenomenal. It’s fantastic to see so many people using the areas on a daily basis, taking time to sit and enjoy Newcastle’s beautiful surroundings. We are sure the baby rhino will be loved just as much as the larger rhino but after this baby, we have no plans to expand the size of the family.”

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