Bid Renewal

NE1 exists to create the best possible commercial environment for the city’s businesses.

Because of the type of company NE1 is, we are required by law to ballot our levy payers every five years. This allows businesses to collectively decide whether or not they want to carry on paying for what we do, and provides business with the opportunity to craft and shape the future growth and development of Newcastle.

Our extensive consultation with our BID members, both locally and nationally, has resulted in a clear set of business priorities for the next five years.

They are:

  • Getting the basics right
    Ensuring Newcastle is cleaner, greener and safer

  • Increased investment
    Working with the public and private sector to drive further investment in the city centre

  • Attracting and promoting
    Increasing footfall, spend, dwell time and perceptions of the city

  • Curating the experience
    Better coordination and management of the city centre experience and environment

  • Improving connectivity
    Both from a digital perspective and also looking at the city's regional, national and international transport links

Vote 'Yes' to maintain our gains and ensure Newcastle's ongoing competitiveness.

Don't forget all ballot papers need to be received by 5pm on 18th October 2018 to ensure your vote is counted.

Ballot Dates

Renewal term 1st April 2019 - 31st March 2024 (5 years)
Ballot opens 20th September 2018 - 9am
Ballot closes 18th October 2018 - 5pm


Map of the NE1 BID area


Levy Rules and Ballot Alteration Rules (2019 - 2024)


List of Streets


Memorandum and Articles of Association


NE1 Operating Agreement


NE1 Baseline Agreement


Northumbria Police Service Level Agreement

Download NE1’s Business Proposal 2019- 2024

What we do

Stronger voice for business

The city environment

Attracting and promoting


Download our 2019-2024 Business Proposal