Street Rangers and Clean Team

NE1 has a team of Street Rangers, supported by the Rapid Response Clean Team, to provide a service to both our businesses and the general public. Feedback from businesses and the general public alike has been fantatstic. 

Headline statistics include:

Independant research by CURDS has also noted the positive impact on consumer perceptions, with:

The primary roles of the Street Rangers are:

 "Meet and Greet"

The friendly and approachable Rangers provide a 'meet and greet' service for all those who use the city centre. Whether offering advice on where to eat, shop and socialise, or simply giving directions, the Rangers are on hand to ensure people are making the most of their time in Newcastle.

"Eyes and Ears"

Working with businesses, the Police and other organisations in an 'eyes and ears' capacity, the Rangers help to combat anti-social behaviour and crime in the city centre. This helps to create a friendly and more welcoming city centre and, in turn, improves the trading environment for businesses.

"Liaise with business"

The Rangers provide a crucial function in finding out from businesses what issues they are facing and helping to resolve them with the city council. These issues can be of a very practical, day-to-day nature or more fundamental, for example relating to traffic or environmental matters. Either way, NE1 has dedicated resource to help facilitate their resolution.


Information Bikes

We have added Information Bikes to the Street Rangers repertoire, providing a public service and increasing visibility for the teams.  Three bikes are operational on the streets of Newcastle by providing a highly visible focal point for public information.

Rapid Response Clean Team

The rapid response Clean Team provides businesses across Newcastle with a speedy, on the spot, cleaning service to supplement the street cleaning provided by the city council.

The benefit of NE1's Clean Team is that it can respond almost immediately to a call from a city centre business to deal with litter, graffiti or other hygiene issue that affects their premises.

From deep cleaning alleyways and shop fronts, to dealing with rough sleeper waste and graffiti the Clean Team will tackle almost anything; a service hundreds of city centre businesses have taken up in the last year alone.

The Team also supports licensees and businesses located near popular nightspots by providing a programme of early start cleaning to ensure that the city looks its best at the start of every day.

The team recently expanded its force by adding three new members of staff equipped with bikes and trailers to get the teams and their equipment around the city quicker, more visibly and with no adverse impact on the environment.

To have the front of your premises steam cleaned, or for any other cleaning issue call the Clean Team direct on 07825 078 704.


Future Jobs Fund and Volunteer Rangers

NE1 has further supplemented the team, initially through the Government's Future Jobs Fund programme and, more recently, volunteering opportunities. Volunteering with the Street Ranger team gives people the chance to gain skills, learn about Newcastle and interact with the general public and businesses.  If you would like to become involved, please contact Tariq Albassam on 0191 235 7905.