Business Improvement District Calls For United Voice On Transport Spending

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Newcastle NE1, the City’s Business Improvement District, is calling for the North of England to speak with a united voice on the politically contentious issue of transport funding.

Speaking at Transport Summit 2017, a major event to discuss Cross Rail North and wider transport investment for the Northern Powerhouse, Adrian Waddell, NE1’s Director of Operations said:

“The North needs to speak with a united voice on Transport. This doesn’t just mean collaboration between different cities, but a joined-up approach for the private and public sectors, a single voice. This conference has underlined the need for greater devolution of powers to the North and in particular greater say on our transport spending, specifically to support national and global connectivity, which is critical to our economic growth in the post-Brexit world.

“The North does not begrudge a single penny spent on infrastructure in London and South East, but transport cannot be a zero-sum game, in which some regions benefit from investment at the expense of others. To achieve this we need a commitment to action from the Government which includes significant support for Transport for the North, matched with serious investment.”

Alongside Mr Waddell speakers at the event, which was organised by networking organisation Downtown Business, included Sir Richard Leese of Transport for the North, Newcastle City Council Leader Nick Forbes, Liverpool City Region Mayor Steve Rotherham, and keynote speaker Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester.

Huge Retail and Hospitality Jobs Fair Held by NE1 Ltd and The Skills Hub

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Hundreds of jobs were up for grabs at a Retail and Hospitality Fair organised by NE1 Ltd in collaboration with The Skills Hub, a project by Newcastle City Council.  The one-day event, held at the Old Assembly Rooms in Newcastle, on Tuesday 15 August attracted nearly 400 people from across the North East.


Over 30 stands were in place during the event representing North East businesses and services for people looking for work.  Many North East businesses that took part in the event were actively looking to fill vacancies and hire people to fill full and part time roles in new hotels and restaurants across the city, as well as for temporary Christmas employment.


Collectively, the businesses in attendance had hundreds of vacancies to fill and were actively recruiting during the day.


Virgin Money, TK Maxx and Starbucks were among the businesses in attendance. Starbucks even sent 5 recruiters to scout for talent for their Newcastle based stores.  TK Maxx also had a big presence, with over 30 Christmas vacancies to fill, the team organised to conduct interviews after the fair inviting candidates spotted during the event.


Mock interview sessions were held during the morning of the event providing candidates with advice and interview skills practice which many went on to use during the afternoon jobs fair.


The Jobs Fair also provided a welcome and almost unique opportunity for people to meet and talk to local employers, as well as to apply for jobs.


Louise Liddle Business Network Manager at NE1 Ltd and joint organiser of the event said:

“It was great to see so many of our business members involved and to meet hundreds of young people eager to get into work. The event provided a rare opportunity for young people to meet and talk to potential employers on neutral ground, as much for them to make choices on the type of business and employer they would like to work for, as for businesses to choose staff.”


“At NE1 Ltd we are ideally placed to link businesses with young people through our 1,400 business members and our NE1 CAN initiative.  We are hoping to organise more employment fairs in the future.”


Stephen Langley, Cluster Manager, Starbucks’ Coffee Company said;

“This is the first NE1 and Newcastle City Council jobs fair we have attended and it has given us ready made access to hundreds of potential new employees, so I’m sure it won’t be the last.  We have a lot of vacancies to fill in our stores for both full and part time baristas and supervisors as the stores get busier and in the run up to Christmas.  Being involved in the mock interview skills workshop in the morning and the jobs fair in the afternoon allowed us to talent spot.  It is a company priority to employ local young people and we have a strong apprenticeship programme within our stores, especially in the North East.  With the help of the fair, we are confident that we will be fully staffed and ready for the Christmas onslaught.”


Chelsea Potts, 20 from Deckham in Gateshead took part in the mock interviews and the fair “I had two mock interviews in the morning with Starbucks. They were a great opportunity to help me practice my interview technique. Taking part in the interviews helped me feel more confident so when the Job Fair opened in the afternoon I was able to talk easily to other employers such as TK Maxx and Boots – places where I’d love to work.”


Kourtney Gibson, 19 from Hebburn is really keen to start her career in retail, “I had 2 practice interviews with TK Maxx and Game. They were really different types of interviews so it offered a great opportunity to learn and practice. I got some great feedback that I can take on board in readiness for a real interview. The Job Fair itself was brilliant – I didn’t realise how many jobs are available in the run up to Christmas. If I can secure a temporary role, it will be an opportunity for me to impress.”

US Ambassador opens First World War exhibit at Newcastle Central Station

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Newcastle NE1, the city’s Business Improvement District, has welcomed the Acting US Ambassador to the United Kingdom to the North East, to open a free public photography exhibition to mark the centenary of America’s involvement in the First World War.

Situated outside Newcastle Central Station until the end of July, the exhibition ‘Fields of Battle, Lands of Peace: The Doughboys 1917-18’ is a unique portrait of the First World War battlefields by Michael St Maur Sheil, which tells of the healed scars of the First World War through our only remaining living witness, the fields of battle themselves.

This exhibition is comprised of contemporary photographs of the battlefields together with archive photographs, which act as a visual gateway to the fields where the conflict was fought, allowing visitors to see for themselves how the conflict changed the landscapes it touched, along with the course of human history.

Acting Ambassador Lewis Lukens officially opened the exhibit, which has attracted more than five million visitors so far on its tour of the world, and was in Turkey and France before arriving in the UK. Formerly the US Ambassador to Senegal and Guinea-Bissau, Mr Lukens was appointed Deputy Chief of Mission at the US Embassy in London in 2014, and has served in his current role since the departure of the previous Ambassador in January 2017.

In addition to officially opening the exhibit, Mr Lukens also attended a reception at the Mansion House in Jesmond, Hosted by the Lord Mayor of Newcastle and attended by local dignitaries, including armed forces veterans and American expats. He also met local businesses at a breakfast event organised by NE1, as well as making a number of other visits in the region.

Mr Lukens said: “I am delighted that this exhibition will visit the great city of Newcastle. Today, the United States and United Kingdom – and millions of our service members – are providing the global leadership that cements our enduring partnership and makes our countries more secure.  Fields of Battle, Lands of Peace…marks the sacrifices made by the men and women of America in World War One, which shaped our world in the 20th century.”

Newcastle NE1 Chief Executive Sean Bullick said: “It is an honour for Newcastle to play host to this exhibition, which I’m sure will be well received by the people of the city telling, as it does, the story of the First World War and America’s involvement.

“I’d like to personally thank Acting Ambassador Lukens for visiting Newcastle and meeting businesses here. NE1 works hard to forge global links for our members.   They are increasingly important to the city’s economy in the post-Brexit world, and our reputation as an international city of trade, tourism and study has never been more important.

Louise Rutherford, Regional Customer Experience Manager for Virgin Trains on its east coast route, which manages Newcastle Central Station: “Along with our partners in the city, Virgin Trains was delighted to welcome Acting Ambassador Lukens to Newcastle to open this important exhibition. It is a very interesting and moving exhibition, and many of our customers who pass through Newcastle station are taking time out to look at these photographs and learn more about, and reflect upon, the sacrifices which others have made.”

Lord Mayor of Newcastle, Cllr Linda Wright, said: “It’s a great honour to welcome the Acting Ambassador to Newcastle. The city has a long and proud association with the United States, and past visitors have included President Carter, Muhammad Ali and Martin Luther King.

“The photographic exhibition of the Doughboys at the Central Station reminds us all of the sacrifice American soldiers made during the First World War – something we will never forget.”


Get set for Summer with NE1 Newcastle Restaurant Week

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When you just can’t face lighting another BBQ – NE1 Newcastle Restaurant Week returns to save the day with the 14th event, which runs from 7 – 13th August inclusive.


Diners will be able to take their pick from over 100 restaurants that have signed up to take part in the second NE1 Newcastle Restaurant Week of the year. Some of Newcastle’s finest restaurants will offer diners the chance to eat out in style for only £10 or £15 per head.


Among the big name restaurants are some of the founding fathers who have taken part in every NE1 Newcastle Restaurant Week since NE1 first launched the initiative back in 2011.  Terry Laybourne’s 21 Hospitality Group, Blackfriars and Silk Room are among the original 13 who helped launch the initiative and have remained firm supporters of the event ever since.  All will be taking part again this August with special NE1 Newcastle Restaurant Week menus.


The event is expected to beat all records for the number of participating restaurants and number of diners even eclipsing January’s event, which attracted over 45,000 diners.


Many new restaurants have opened in the city since January’s restaurant week was held, and those taking part in this August’s event include Kaltur, specialist in authentic Spanish food and tapas, and The Alchemist. .


The idea for NE1 Newcastle Restaurant Week came from New York where twice a year restaurants offer diners the chance to eat out at some of the city’s best restaurants for a fixed priced menu.  The idea translated well to Newcastle and the event has grown each time it has been held with more restaurants taking part and more diners enjoying the offer.


Newcastle’s restaurant scene has changed dramatically since the first NE1 Newcastle Restaurant Week was held in 2011.  At the time only 13 restaurants took part in the event, now over 100 restaurants take part in a city that has more restaurants per square mile than any other Northern city and now boasts a Michelin starred restaurant.

21 Hospitality Group has timed the opening of its newest restaurant, Porterhouse Butcher and Grill to coincide with August’s restaurant week event. This steak bar, featuring counter seating and a dining space in Fenwick Food Hall, opens as the NE1 Newcastle Restaurant Week kicks off. Porterhouse is Terry’s sixth restaurant in the city, with Café 21 and Saltwater Fish Company, in Fenwick, along with the Broad Chare, Caffe Vivo and 21 on Newcastle’s Quayside all taking part during the week.

Terry Laybourne said:

“We have always loved and supported the idea of NE1 Newcastle Restaurant Week.   It is great to have an event that brings Newcastle’s restaurant community together and allows us to celebrate the city’s culinary credentials.

We were keen to time Porterhouse’s opening to coincide with Restaurant Week, the event is always so successful for our restaurants and it will help Porterhouse to establish itself on the restaurant scene.  The event will test the kitchens, the team and the menus.  If the restaurant can cope with the rigours of NE1 Newcastle Restaurant Week, it can cope with anything.”


Stephen Patterson, Director of Communications at NE1 Ltd said:

“It is no surprise or coincidence that the growth of fine dining in Newcastle has mirrored the growth in popularity of NE1 Newcastle Restaurant Week.  Success breeds success and as more restaurants get involved in the event more diners seek to make the most of the offers.  A record breaking 45,000 people dined out during January’s event, we expect the number to rise in August with new restaurants and new menus added.”


For details of all participating venues and to download the NE1 Newcastle Restaurant Week vouchers visit

NE Business Leaders have their say on TFN Transport Plan

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On the same day as NE1, with Muckle, hosted a Transport for the North business briefing The Times carried the headline ‘£1bn Roads Revolution Launched’.  Whilst the article largely dealt with ring-fencing car tax for road repairs and bypasses what we heard from TfN CEO, David Brown, was of considerably more interest and likely to have significantly greater impact on our region’s economy.


The TfN ‘area’ stretches from the border with Scotland to Cheshire, across to the Humber and everything inbetween.  Later this year TfN is set to become the first ‘sub-national’ statutory body for Transport; this will embed it for the long term in the Nation’s political and economic landscape.  Their job is ‘to drive transformational economic growth in the North of England by intelligently developing our transport infrastructure’.  TfN’s plans, they say, can create 850,000 new jobs and add £97bn to the North’s GVA by 2050.


Well, 2050 is over 30 years away and, like many I suspect, one tends to view such bold pronouncements with a degree of scepticism.  And, as I know from many years soldiering, no plan survives contact with the enemy, but then the importance of having a plan in the first is that you can adjust from it, hopefully winning through.  The mood music in the room – and there were some 40 senior business leaders present from all sectors – was really very positive.  I think they liked what David Brown had to say and what he was proposing does look good; get the priorities right, communicate these effectively and then collaborate to deliver.  It makes sense to have one organisation speaking for the North, able to pull together into one cohesive programme plans for road, rail and air investment – and set this into an economic context that can justify spending on grounds of resulting economic growth.


Here in the North East we’re impacted by geography; rivers, hills and mountains have dictated routes and we still use corridors today put in place by the Romans and Victorians. We see this legacy today as we move around the country – that’s why it’s still easier to go North-South than East-West. It’s vital, too, that links within the North also include links out to European and other international markets. This is of particular importance in the North East as we seek to develop opportunities in Northern Europe, with Newcastle the obvious jumping-off point for this. TfN have ambitious plans and made an excellent start laying out their case.


NE1’s role in this is helping draw together the supporting business voices which will make the TfN plan a compelling one for Government.  At the meeting we had senior representation including from Virgin Money, Leibherr, Greggs, UK Land Estates, Zerolight and Brewin Dolphin, plus the CBI, Swedish and German Consuls and many others.  Whilst NE1’s funding comes directly from Newcastle City Centre businesses our influence stretches more widely; it stands to reason if the region is doing well then people working, living and travelling within it will also be visiting Newcastle. That works for us and our members.  So we were very happy to help TfN reach an important and influential cohort and look forward to helping shape their transport infrastructure investment plans as these develop.


TfN’s Position Statement is at:

Thrills of Live Action High Speed, Precision Driving at NE1 Newcastle Motor Show

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There will be a dramatic new addition to this year’s NE1 Newcastle Motor Show – the first ever, live-action fast paced, precision driving on Hood Street, adjacent to Grey’s Monument, in the heart of Newcastle.  Performed by one of the world’s leading stunt drivers, Paul Swift, who is renowned worldwide and has a host of film and TV credits to his name including work on BBC’s Top Gear.

Two shows will be held on Saturday 8 July at 12.30pm and 2.30pm to what are expected to be packed crowds keen to see the live performance action combined with live music.

For the first time in its history, the NE1 Newcastle Motor Show will incorporate moving vehicle display, adding to a truly unique event in the very heart of Newcastle city centre.

The display will be accompanied by  ‘The Petrolheads’, who will not only provide backing music for the driving event but will be actively involved in the stunt driving performance.

The crowds will be thrilled by the speed, precision and excitement of the driving which will all be carried out on the 8 metre wide Hood Street. Paul and his team will be driving a Ford Focus RS and ST and among the manoeuvres will be J-turns, high-speed handbrake parking, and near inch-perfect car ballet dance routines all set to music and performed at speeds which will shock and surprise the entire crowd.

The whole show is choreographed and includes a running commentary on all the manoeuvres by the drivers on a P.A. system transmitted to the assembled crowds.

The Petrolheads repertoire features a wide range of rock music to compliment the drama of the driving, from classics like Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain” to ZZ Top’s “La Grange”, Free’s “Wishing Well” and many of the band’s own compositions.

This combination of guitar riffs and tyre smoke has entertained thousands of people, at shows across the UK including Wings and Wheels, Ford Fair and the Royal International Air Tattoo.

The shows are expected to draw huge crowds to Hood Street, which will be cordoned off and people are encouraged to get there early to get the best vantage point to see the action.


Ben Whitfield, Marketing and Events Manager, NE1 Ltd;

“It is a huge coup to have secured Paul Swift and his stunt driving team for the event.  It is the first time the NE1 Newcastle Motor Show has had a live motoring element which will bring huge excitement and drama to the event”


Paul Swift of Paul Swift Precision Driving

“I’m really excited to be performing at the Motor Show this weekend.  The city centre location will add a new level of excitement to the show.  The narrow street will make the action more exciting with people right on top of the action, I can’t wait for the weekend.”


NE1 Newcastle Motor Show- intu Eldon Square Fanzone

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A dedicated Fanzone is to be created at Old Eldon Square during NE1 Newcastle Motor Show this year, the first dedicated entertainment and play area to be created during the weekend event, which is now in its 3rd year and is already one of the UK’s largest, free, open-air city centre motor shows in the UK.

While show stopping cars and motoring displays will be exhibited on the surrounding streets of Newcastle, Old Eldon Square will be dedicated to fun, free activities for all the family, thanks to Intu Eldon Square and its sponsorship of the Fanzone.

A range of free activities for young and old alike will be positioned in the intu Eldon Square Fanzone including the return of the ever popular, Screen on the Green which returned on Saturday, 1st July.  During the NE1 Newcastle Motor Show, there will be open air screenings of popular motoring themed films for the kids as well as other motoring clips, and the opportunity to play motoring games on the giant screen.  Among the films to be shown are Cars 2, Senna and Herbie Fully Loaded.

In addition to the open-air movies, this year a whole host of other fun activities have been added to create the FanZone.   For young motoring enthusiasts, there will be a driving pen with pedal cars for kids to have a go and take the cars for a test drive around a mini track.

Another new fun addition is a Batak Wall challenge.  A fast paced game to test players’ reactions.  The aim of the game is to strike lights on a wall as quickly and as soon as they are illuminated.  Different settings for adults and children will ensure that it will be both fun and challenging for all ages with prizes for leader board winners.

Other activities will include a 6ft tall steady hand game with prizes for those who successfully complete the challenge in record time, and remote control car racing for four players at a time to pit themselves against each other.


Phil Steele, General Manager of intu Eldon Square said:

“The Fanzone is going to be so much fun and we’re delighted to be involved in this year’s NE1 Newcastle Motor Show. intu Eldon Square is so close to the action that we were determined to get involved and to help make this year’s event bigger and better and more fun for all the family.”


Outside the Fanzone there will be other exciting hands-on activities for the public to enjoy including a Mercedes AMG Formula 1 driving simulator on Grainger Street.  The simulator will give people the chance to experience 4 minutes under the guidance of Lewis Hamilton as he races around the world famous Silverstone F1  track in testing for this year’s F1 season.

There will also be an amazing opportunity to experience the latest in virtual reality technology and take a virtual tour of the exclusive Italian manufactured, Pagani Huayra Roadster, which was recently unveiled at the Geneva Motorshow.

Thanks to the team at leading North East Virtual Reality company, ZeroLight, the public will get a rare glimpse of Pagani’s supercar which has a top speed of 210 MPH and a price tag to match With VR headsets at the ready, people will be able to take a virtual tour of the car, sit inside and marvel at the delights of the exclusive vehicle previously only ever seen at VIP events, the only thing missing will be that new car smell!


Ben Whitfield, Marketing Manager at NE1 Ltd said:

“The creation of a dedicated Fanzone, reflects the growth of the rest of the NE1 Newcastle Motor show, which is covering more areas of the city than ever this year.  We wanted to create a dedicated area for families a stone’s throw away from the hubbub of Grey Street and the main exhibition area –somewhere to keep the kids entertained when they needed a break from looking at the exhibits.

“We know the Fanzone will offer a great balance between enjoying the spectacle and having the chance for some hands on fun for young and old alike.”


Sponsors Intu Eldon Square will be encouraging Intu restaurant businesses to get involved in the Fanzone celebrations with food sampling and give-aways over the course of the weekend.

NE1 Screen on the Green returns for Summer of Free, Open Air Movies, Sport and Opera

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NE1’s Screen on The Green returns this Saturday 1st July in preparation for a summer of free, open air screenings of family movies, national and international sporting action and a major coup for the city, a new cultural offering, two open air Operas broadcast directly from the Royal Opera House in London.

NE1’s ever-popular big screen returns to Old Eldon Square for a summer of screenings. This year, alongside the programme of popular family movies and film classics, NE1 has landed the exclusive rights to broadcast two operas direct from live performances at the internationally renowned, Royal Opera House in Covent Garden.  These screenings are part of the BP Big Screen events, which offer the world’s best opera live for free to outdoor audiences across the UK.

On Tuesday 4 July, La Traviata will be screened and Turandot will be screened on Friday 14 July.  Both operas include familiar songs that even opera novices will recognise, with Nessum Dorma in Turandot, and the famous ‘Drinking Song’ in La Traviata. The Operas will offer a new cultural dimension to Screen on the Green, and with a later start time of 7pm, a real cultural evening event in the heart of the city.

Screen on the Green kicks off this year with a ‘Summer of Sport’ broadcasts sponsored by GLL, which run ‘Better’, intu Eldon Square’s sports centre and 115 other sport and leisure facilities across the UK. The programme will feature sporting action from across the UK, including Wimbledon, the British Grand Prix and other live action events.

The screen will also form part of the wider Fanzone action during the NE1 Newcastle Motor Show on the weekend of the 8th and 9th July.  During this event, Cars 2, Herbie Fully Loaded and Senna will be shown, and GAME Newcastle will use the big screen to play some of the latest motor racing games.

Screen on the Green movies will return from Monday 24th July – Sunday 3rd September, with a packed film schedule with two films a day, screened at 12 noon and 6pm. A series of family favourites, classic movies and new releases will be part of the schedule with Sundays devoted to Smooth Sundays, brought to you by Smooth Radio. The Smooth Radio team will be on hand during the screenings and there will be opportunities to win VIP prizes.


Ben Whitfield, Marketing and Events Manager at NE1 Ltd said:

“Screen on the Green has become as much a symbol of the summer in Newcastle as the Quayside Seaside.  We are always excited to put together the programme of films, sporting coverage and this year we’re honoured and very excited to be able to include world class opera in the mix. We know the public loves the Big Screen. We always have such a great response with the crowds growing year on year and we expect this year to be even better with such a fantastic line up.  The new cultural dimension of live opera will encourage new audiences and we expect it to deliver a unique cultural evening in the heart of the city!”


For details of the full Screen on the Green schedule visit:

DFDS Headline Sponsor of NE1 Newcastle Motor Show

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NE1 Ltd is delighted to announce that DFDS are headline sponsors of this year’s NE1 Newcastle Motor Show which will be taking place on the 8th and 9th July.  The two day event, one of the largest free, city centre, open air motor shows in the UK, will now be delivered in association with DFDS, the world’s leading ferry company.

The North Shields-based company is sponsoring NE1’s Newcastle Motor Show for the first time. The event has grown in stature since its launch in 2015 and now commands the position as one of the largest free open air motorshows in the UK.

DFDS will be exhibiting at the two-day event, occupying a premium exhibition site at the south of Northumberland Street in the heart of the city, promoting its Newcastle-Amsterdam cruise ferry service.

As well as exhibiting at the event, DFDS’ involvement will be celebrated with major promotional discounts on its service to Amsterdam for anyone who visits their exhibition site during the Motor Show.

This year the NE1 Newcastle Motor Show has more than doubled in size with over 150 of the world’s most exclusive, unique and classic cars on display alongside showstoppers from some of the leading car brands including Aston Martin, Bentley, and Dealer Partner, Lloyd BMW Newcastle.

Themed zones will be mapped out across the city centre dedicated to different types of vehicles and motoring, from racing cars to classic VWs as well as hands on motoring themed fun and activities for all the family.

DFDS has a long and successful history in the North East, spanning over two decades.  Ferry travel has grown in popularity especially among holidaymakers with cars and DFDS has recently invested over £5 million refurbishing the ferries that service the Newcastle–Amsterdam route, which carried over 580 thousand passengers last year.


Max Foster, Managing Director of DFDS in Newcastle, said:

“We are absolutely delighted to be headline sponsors of the NE1 Newcastle Motor Show 2017, this is the first time DFDS has sponsored a major motoring event.  We share a passion for cars and motoring with the hundreds of thousands of people who are expected to attend the event and for motoring enthusiasts we offer access to miles of European roads, cities and countryside all via our ferry route from North Shields to Holland.

“DFDS plays a key role in the North East business community and it is important that we are able to support such a milestone event in Newcastle’s events calendar.  Although we are not located directly in the city centre, we feel a strong part of the offer and our business and its customers benefit enormously from NE1’s events programme and investments.”


Ben Whitfield, Marketing and Events Manager at NE1 Ltd said:

“We are delighted that DFDS is on board as Headline Sponsor for this year’s event.  Having such a well known and well respected travel brand involved will help put the event on the international map and cement its position as the leading open air free car show in the UK.”

NE1 for some Summertime Fun in Newcastle upon Tyne!

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‘Staycationing’ has never been more popular amongst Brits concerned about the falling pound and political upheaval internationally.  2016 was a record breaking year for inbound tourism to the UK with 37.3 million visits, forecasts predict this will grow to 38.8 million this year with spending by overseas visitors rising to £23.9 billion.*

(*Figures from VisitBritain)

Newcastle and the North East are high on the list of popular destinations for UK residents holidaying at home and for visitors from overseas, attracted by the city’s history, architecture and cultural offer.  This summer, Newcastle is an even more attractive proposition thanks to a summertime events programme drawn up by the city centre’s award winning Business Improvement District company, NE1 Ltd.

Designed to give people more reasons to visit and to stay a little longer, the events and activities will put Newcastle on the map for UK holidaymakers and inbound tourists.

Thomas Cook Airlines Quayside Seaside
Until October

To launch NE1’s Summer in the City programme, NE1 teamed up with Thomas Cook Airlines to bring the newly sponsored, Thomas Cook Airlines Quayside Seaside, earlier than ever.  One of the UK’s most popular urban beaches and an official sign that summer is on its way in Newcastle.

The beach, equipped with 350 tones of white sand, palm trees, deckchairs, and buckets and spades has made its annual return and will remain in place until October providing a free, family friendly vantage point to enjoy the spectacular views of the Quayside and a great spot to watch the events and activities on and around the River.

½ million people were thought to have visited the Quayside Seaside in 2016.  This summer, the pop up beach is expected to attract even more visitors and will have its own programme of free events and activities throughout the summer.

In addition, the beach has the added attraction of Barrio Comida, a restaurant housed within two former shipping containers alongside the sand.  Serving a menu of authentic Mexican food, the restaurant is already winning plaudits from diners and critics alike.


Dacia Magic Weekend
May 20th  and 21st

Rugby League’s Magic Weekend rolls in to town for the 3rd year running thanks to NE1 Ltd and Newcastle City Council who have worked with the RFL to bring the event back to the city and its newly adopted home of St James’ Park Football Ground.

12 teams will compete in six games during the two-day tournament, which enjoys as much action off the pitch as on with Fanzones, events and activities around the ground for fans and families to enjoy during the rugby extravaganza.

Rugby League fans are a loyal bunch and Dacia Magic Weekend is the pinnacle of the league’s seasonal celebrations with supporters from all over the UK congregating in Newcastle to enjoy the fast paced rugby action and the carnival style atmosphere it brings with it.

Buy your tickets from the official website


NE1’s Screen on the Green

July 3rd – September 3rd (TBC)

NE1’s deckchairs will be out in force at Old Eldon Square, a public square and green space in the heart of the city, for the return of the ever popular, Screen on the Green.

A large open air movie screen is positioned in the square for the public to enjoy free, open air film screenings of family favourites, new movies and old classics throughout the school summer holidays.  The movies are always popular with many people coming prepared for the show with blankets, picnics and brollies (occasionally!).

Check out for all the details.


NE1 Newcastle Motor Show
July 8th and 9th

The UK’s biggest, free, open-air Motor Show returns to Newcastle to take over the city centre for a spectacular weekend of motoring themed fun, the largest show of the year in the North. The event provides unrivalled access to some of the world’s rarest classic and vintage cars as well as exhibiting some modern day masterpieces, many have never been shown outside VIP-only international motoring exhibitions.

During the two-day event, the cars are exhibited on the streets with the public able to get up close to the cars, talk to the experts and owners, as well as enjoying the spectacle.  This year Lloyd Newcastle BMW have come on board as Dealer Partner, and are expected to showcase some of BMW’s extensive collection, together with unique showstoppers from BMW’s National headquarters.

To accommodate all the new elements of this year’s event, more areas of the city will be involved with themed zones mapped out for different types of vehicles and activities from supercars, rally and racing cars to showstoppers from some of the UK’s leading car dealerships.  Over 100 private exhibitors are on board to line Newcastle’s majestic Grey Street offering the public rare access to some of the world’s most exclusive classic cars.

The event is designed to entertain the whole family with Fanzones and motoring themed events, fun games and give-aways.  Open air film screenings will return at ‘Screen on the Green’ with other fun activities for children across the weekend.

Over 105k people attended last year’s event and the numbers are expected to rise this year as the event becomes more established.


Northern Pride
July 21st – 23rd

Newcastle Pride returns for its 10th year with an extended event over 3 days, 21st, 22nd & 23rd July at Newcastle’s Town Moor celebrating the city’s LGBT community.

NE1 Ltd is festival sponsor of Newcastle Pride for the 3rd year running.  Alongside the main stage with big name music acts, there will be different activity zones to visit and a Fun Fair.

As well as celebrating diversity in Newcastle, the event also brings tens of thousands of visitors to the city.


NE1 Newcastle Restaurant Week
7th  – 13th  August

One of Newcastle’s most popular and well supported events happens twice a year – once in January and again in the summer.  This August, NE1 Newcastle Restaurant Week runs from 7 -13 August giving diners the chance to eat out in style for only £10 or £15 per person at some of Newcastle’s finest restaurants.

Modelled on a similar scheme in New York, NE1 Newcastle Restaurant Week is extremely popular and continues to grow each time it is held.  January’s event welcomed over 100 restaurants to take part and attracted over 45,000 diners, August’s event is expected to surpass this.



NE1 has a whole host of other exciting projects up its sleeve so to make sure you don’t miss out on these festivities, or anything else happening in Newcastle, register for updates at


Other reasons to visit Newcastle

  • Newcastle’s Quayside was listed among the top 10 best places to live in Britain by the Sunday Times’ ‘Best Places to Live Guide’.
  • Newcastle is the happiest city in the UK and one of Europe’s top 20 according to a European Commission study. Newcastle officially has the happiest people of anywhere in the UK.
  • Newcastle was hailed as the top city in the UK for independent restaurant openings, outpacing London, Manchester & Birmingham with some award winning venues and a Michelin starred restaurant in the mix
  • Newcastle named top city in the UK to raise a family in UK Family Living Index report. The city beat 34 others as it has 28 outstanding schools, more green spaces for kids to play than any other city and the average house costs £161,255.